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99724801 Wózek platformowy nożycowy elektryczny GermanTech, koła kierownicy i wideł: Polyurethane i Polyurethane (udźwig: 1000 kg, długość wideł: 1150 mm)

99724801 Wózek platformowy nożycowy elektryczny GermanTech, koła kierownicy i wideł: Polyurethane i Polyurethane (udźwig: 1000 kg, długość wideł: 1150 mm)
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GermanTech jest wiodącym dostawcą produktów na bazie niemieckiej techniki i usług. W oparciu o ścisłą współpracę z niemieckimi producentami oraz o dokładną i kompleksową wiedzę na temat rynku chińskiego, GermanTech jest w stanie zaoferować szeroką gamę niezawodnych produktów i rozwiązań biznesowych.


Kompaktowa konstrukcja z baterią i agregatu pompowego umieszczoną między podwoziem a cylindrem zapewnia doskonałą zwrotność i dostępności.
Często używany jako ergonomiczne pomocy pilnuje pleców, szyi i ramion. Możliwe zarówno pompy jak i mniejsza ręcznie, jeśli bateria jest zaniedbany. Podnieś bez obciążenia - 11 sek.
Podnieś z ładunkiem - 19 sek. Waga: 160 kg


Instrukcja obsługi:

1. Environmentally hazardous waste, such as batteries and electronics, will have a negative effect on the environment, or health, if handled incorrectly.

2. The waste packages should be sorted and put into solid dustbins according to the materials and be collected disposal by local special environment protection bureau. To avoid pollution, it's forbidden to throw away the wastes randomly.

3. To avoid leaking during the use of the products, the user should prepare some absorbable materials (scraps of wooden or dry duster cloth) to absorb the leaking oil in time. To avoid second pollution to the environment, the used absorbable materials should be handed in to special departments in terms of local authorities.


Thank you for using this pallet truck. Your pallet truck is made of high quality steel and was designed to give you a durable, reliable and easy to use product. For your safety and correct operation, please carefully read this instruction before using it. 


NOTE: All of the information reported herein is based on data available at the moment of  printing. The factory reserves the right to modify its own products at any moment without notice and incurring in any sanction. So, it is suggested to always verify possible updates.


This pallet truck lifting by both manual and electric,lowering by manual.


Installation & Adjustment
If you have purchased a wooden box of pallet truck, some assembly is required. Certainly, you need some tools, a hammer, a pliers, a spanner, etc; and some parts, one axle with hole (105), two elastic pins (106)(Note one is in the axle (105)), these parts are putted in a plastic bag, which is putted into the draw-bar. NOTE: The number of draw-bar and pump should be the same. 


A. Handle installation
When attaching the handle, you had better squat just behind the pallet truck. Then you:
1) Insert the draw-bar onto the piston(303), then use a hammer to insert the axle with hole (105) into the hydraulic pump and draw-bar from the right to left.
2) Let control handle (120) to the 'LOWER' position, then pass the adjusting nut (104), adjusting bolt (103) and chain (102) through the hole of axle (105) with your hand.
3) Press the draw-bar (111) down, take away the pin which is used to prevent the piston (303) escaping.
4) Let the control handle (120) on 'RAISE' position, then raise the lever plate (323) with the pin and insert the adjusting bolt (103) into the front slot of lever plate (323), note to keep the adjusting nut (104) on the under side of the lever plate.
5) Use a hammer to tap another elastic pin (106) into the axle with hole (105).
The draw-bar is now assembled to the pump.
6) Insert the (129) into the (447). 


B. Handle adjustment
There are 3 different positions with different functions for the Control Handle (120).
Position I: Quick lifting for fork.
Position II: Slow lifting for fork.
Position III: Descending for fork. 


When to add oil
If the fork can't be pumped up to its rated highest position, you may have to add hydraulic oil into the oil tank. The hydraulic fluid to be used must have a quality of ISO VG32 or equivalence, its viscosity should be 32cSt at 40oC. Mixing of different fluids is prohibited! 


Intended use
The high-lift pallet truck, with forks for independent lifting of loads, is intended for both manual lifting/lowering and the manual transporting of loads. Its use requires a level and firm floor/ground surface.
The high-lift pallet truck, with forks for independent lifting of loads, is intended for on-site transporting of unit loads, e.g. in warehouses associated with industry and delivery companies etc., for short range transporting of standard and wire mesh pallets as well as other palletised loads. Additionally, the high-lift pallet truck can be made stationary as a working platform. (Automatic supports are placed once a lift of 400 mm is reached). It is not suitable for use in potentially explosive locations.
It is not suitable for use in hostile environments.
Alterations to the high-lift pallet truck and the addition of auxiliary units are only permitted with our express written approval.
Ensure that you take note of the technical data and details on functional characteristics! 


Regulations for prevention of accidents
The high-lift pallet truck must be used and operated as intended and in accordance with relevant regulations.
*The current regulations of the country in which it is used must be complied with.
EC Directive EN 1757-4 scissors pallet truck
EC Directive EN 1175-1
* in the respective current version
It is absolutely essential that the operating instructions below regulations for prevention of accidents are carefully read through before starting use. 


Safety instructions
Operation, assembly and maintenance only by:
Instructed, qualified operators
(Definition of qualified operators in accordance with IEC 364)
Qualified operators are persons who, on the basis of their training, experience, instruction and knowledge of the relevant standards and regulations, regulations for prevention of accidents and operating conditions, are authorised by the persons responsible for the safety of the plant to carry out the respective required tasks whilst being able to recognise and prevent potential associated dangers.
– Operation is only permitted on a level and firm floor/ground surface.
– Transporting of persons and a presence within the danger zone is not permitted.
– A presence under a raised load is not permitted.
– The specified load capacity must not be exceeded.
– The loaded material must be distributed evenly on the fork.
– The high-lift pallet truck must never be loaded whilst the fork is in a raised position.
– The high-lift pallet truck is not made for or capable of off-loading like a fork lift truck or crane.
– Never leave the load unattended in a raised position.
– Never reach into moving parts.
– Defects are to be dealt with competently as soon as they become apparent.
– Only use genuine spare parts. 


In accordance with relevant regulations ,the high-lift pallet truck must be inspected by a competent technical expert at least once per year, and otherwise as required.
We recommend that you record the results of the inspections in an inspection book. 


Operating instructions
Functional description

The electric high-lift pallet truck is a electric-operated hydraulic device.
The load is lifted by pressing the push-button.
Easy manoeuvrability due to 2 fixed and 2 steering rollers made of polyurethane 


Instruction for use
Before taken the pallet truck into operation,replace the tank screw with the ventilation screw.
Moving and steering using the steering handle
The steering handle is connected to the steering rollers.
The wheels are steered automatically by moving the steering handle.
Stationary device
The electric high-lift pallet is equipped with 2 side supports. At a height of approx. 400 mm, the supports are automatically set on the floor. Once the supports are in place, further movement is not allowed respective not possible.
Picking up a load
Check that the load does not exceed the loading capacity of the electric high-lift pallet truck.
Each time check with the currently loading diagram. You can find an illustration of the diagram on the side of the pallet truck.
Roll the electric high-lift pallet truck slowly up to the pallet/load. Roll the fork prongs under the pallet until the back end of the fork rests against the load (pallet). Lift the load by executing the pumping movements shown.


Moving with the load
As the electric high-lift pallet truck is not equipped with a brake it must not be used on upward or downward slopes.
As far as floor/ground clearance permits, the load should be transported across the floor/ground at as low a height as possible (max. 300 mm).
Move at a uniform speed appropriate to the load and floor/ground conditions.


Setting the load down
Stop just before the stacking area and lift the load in safe distance over the pile.
Manoeuvre the load directly above the pile.
Lower the load until fork arms are discharged.
Ensure safe reversing, move away and lower the fork arms.


Functions of the buttons
The power switch on the darw-bar body.Lifting of the fork by the pressing the pushbutton on the handle head.


Recommendations for security in relation with the acid of the battery.
The pallet truck should be put out of function before working on the battery.
Service people:
Read carefully the instructions of use and maintenance, given by the company manufacturing the battery.
Maintenance of the battery:
Be sure pole terminals and cable lug of battery are clean and covered slightly with grease and tightened.
Do not retain discharged batteries. Recharge as soon as possible.
Avoid heavy discharge of more than 80% of nominal capacity.


Disposal of the battery:
Please follow carefully national laws and recommendations concerning protection of environment of your country. Also follow battery manufacturer recommendations on this purpose.
Battery loading
Battery should be loaded as soon as lifting speed is slowing down, and/or green diode is dark.
To load the battery, open the cover on the front of the "Apron" of the frame and connect the built-in charger to electric current (220V). The loading is starting automatically, the red diode is on. The loading is finished when 8 to 10 diodes (including the red diode) of the discharge indicator is on. When loading is done the green pilot lamp is on. The electric high-lift pallet truck can be taken into operation again.
The loading time is about 5 to 6 hours while the machine cannot be used. Never leave the built-in charger longer than 24 hours connected. Never discharge the battery totally (max. discharge 80%), this could damage the battery or even render it useless.


Oil and lubricant recommendations
Hydraulic oil: ISO VG 32
Lubricant: Multipurpose lubricating grease ZG2# or 3#.

Waste oil must be disposed of in accordance with legal provisions! 



After placing out of service, the high-lift pallet truck parts must be disposed of or recycled in accordance with legal provisions.

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